Essay Writing

Discussion Backgroundminimum necessary rule

1. Read: Discussion Backgroundminimum necessary rule

Confidential or sensitive information should only be communicated or accessed on a need-to-know basis. According to the , you should only access the amount of information needed to perform your job.

Watch the HIPAA Violations Video to answer this week’s discussion prompts. (Video Transcript).

2. Initial Post: Answer all three parts of the initial prompt below

  1. In the video, you saw several HIPAA violations. Explain what you would do to reduce these types of violations.
  2. Have you ever been walking through the hospital and overheard staff talking about patients? If so, what did you do? If not, what would you do if you witnessed a staff member breaching a patient’s confidentiality?
  3. Choose one of the violations from the video and describe what corrective action should be implemented.

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